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Hak Ely is for anyone interested in collaborating creatively on technological and artistic projects. No prior experience is required – we are all beginners.

Hak Ely is a non-profit community-defined space stocked with specialized equipment and supplies. Located at 41 E Chapman St, the space will soon be accessible 24/7, and we will have regularly scheduled meetings based on a variety of topics, some including 3D Modeling/3D Printing, Natural Science, Virtual Reality, Industrial Sewing, Laser Engraving, Computer Programming, Game Design, Electrical Engineering, and more.

Hak Ely is a hackerspace. It is a part of a world-wide movement aimed at empowering individuals to create and explore the world. We break the shackles of “possible” and strive to regain a curiosity with the world that many of us left behind as we grew older. We do so by putting our heads together, by taking apart, by observing, by breaking, by fixing, by learning, by teaching.

Over time, members will come and go, and almost all will leave something behind and increase the value of the space for others.

Nullius in verba (See [the world] for yourself)

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If you would like to get involved, please contact info@hakely.org